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The Storybook: Snow White
My dearest Doc,
Oh how I miss you, do tell me you will be visiting soon? Things have been a bit rocky since James and I were married, but we are trying our hardest to work through it. He's been out hunting for several nights these past couple of months... which gives me time to think about certain things going on in our relationship.
Doc please don't lose it, but I need to tell you something that I've been keeping from James for a while.. but sooner or later will have to tell him. The family doctor came to visit with me today, and informed me of something that I never would have expected; I'm ill. For now my symptoms are minimal, but Dr. Hook said it was only a matter of time before I start losing feeling in my legs, and overtime I won't be able to walk. My expected living span is roughly 4 months, but it may fluctuate due to how my body addresses the illness. I know this isnt the way to alert you of the issue, but I didn't have anyone else to talk to, and James would lose it if he fou
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The Darkness
A depth as thick as ink, festering with creatures that slither in silence. What lies beneath the vast layers is a mystery that one man will never discover.
The reoccurring silence can drive one mad. A scene that ceases to end, waves crashing above, nothing but quiet and stillness below. The taste of salt and wonder on the tongues of those who explore the mysterious water.
Cool misty air causes goose bumps to arise. A light along the horizon sparks hope within, praying for something more beyond the vastness. What is this depth that holds darkness within?
The Ocean.
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A Joker's Love
She loved me.
I had just come home from another mishap with  Batman, I wasn’t in the mood for any of her games but she insisted on playing. My body slumped on the couch as she called from the kitchen “Must erk you after all these years you still can’t catch a bat.” Her words were like ice, smooth yet frigid. I shook my head and rose, trailing towards the kitchen the darkness following. “It does Alice ” A chuckle crawling from my lips. “It really does”. As my form approached the kitchen, her back was turned, her focus on a task unknown. My hand was in reaching distance, and I placed it on her shoulder, turning her to face me. Brown eyes met mine, a curl fell against her cheek, and a scream cut the silence. I could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand, her body struggling against my hold. My hands released her neck and she dropped to the floor, silence lingering.
Alice and I always loved to play games, but our games were differe
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The Crescent Forest
The moon's pale ray cast a glow upon the outskirts of the forest. The creatures within holding a demonic presence. Stars lined the night sky, and the faint sound of crickets could be heard. The grass was cool against his milky white skin,and as he shifted against it, goosebumps formed. His gold luminous eyes motioned to the stars above and his chest rose and fell deeply.
Something so uncommon in his world, yet a sound he truly enjoyed. The chaos of war was nothing he ever wanted, but the battle and victory thrilled him. The sensation of a sword against his waist, and a dagger in his hand made him feel spell bound. He was a fighter, and vicious killer that destroyed everything in his way... but in this moment?
A state of being that washed over him time and again, but never fully embraced him. Living a life on the run, and hidden from the world wasn't always peaceful. Making friends, finding love, settling down... didn't exist for him. However, he loved to tease his prey
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Icy Heart
The icy cold air touched my soft skin, and I shivered. I looked through the door, knowing that once I stepped through, I would be in a world that I could only imagine. I looked over my shoulder to my room. My clothes were scattered all over the place, nothing too unusual. My sheet music was all over my bed, the aftermath of trying to write a song in one night because I couldn’t sleep. Tears filled my eyes, and I turned away. I had to go. I took a deep breath, and stepped in to the frozen world. My eyes adjusted to the scenery, which took a bit. The soft white snow covered the royal blue mountains. The trees glistened as the sun’s rays streamed down on the icicles that hung from the branches. The only noise I could make out was the slight swaying of the trees, which made the icicles clink together gently. As I gazed around the beautiful landscape, a large grumble came from behind me and I turned around. The door that I came through was closing and everything I ever knew was
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Alice in Not so Wonderland
His tall slim figure stood in the dim twilight, that old worn out black top hat with a blue ribbon wrapped around it on his head just like the first time we met. The corners of my lips curled up slowly, and I walked into Wonderland for the last time. As I approached him, he took his hat off swiftly, and placed it up against his chest. I stopped only inches from him and looked up, waiting for him to say something. And when he did, my heart skipped a beat.. “Forever?” He softly spoke, a bit of hope in his voice. I reached out for his free hand and laced my fingers with his and then moved my eyes back to his.“Forever.” My hand squeezing his. Soon enough his hat was on the teal grass, and his arms were around me. The soft lips of his happiness graced mine, and we started our forever there at the entrance to Wonderland.
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"I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours"
~Alice in Wonderland

Creativity is my specialty, and I love imagining things. Music and martial arts are my passions, and I love to read fiction and mysteries.

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